Pregnancy classes: These classes are suitable to attend from 15 weeks pregnant until full term. It is always best to check with your LMC (lead maternity care giver) before you start any exercise as they know your medical history and can advise you appropriately. If you are fit and healthy, and currently active it may be suitable to start earlier with approval from your LMC. Please have a chat and arrange this with me.

Postnatal Mummy and Baby Yoga/Massage: This class is suitable for babies from approximately 8 weeks until they are on the move. The exercise portion is suitable for you once you have been cleared for exercise by your LMC.  

Postnatal Mums + Little Ones Pilates: This class is suitable once you have been cleared for exercise from your LMC. 
You can bring any age mini me with you. Heck you can even bring your whole crew if you have more than 1. 

Yes you can! Classes are designed for all levels of fitness and experience. The programs are designed so you can take things at your own pace and exercises can easily be modified if required. 

No. All classes are designed for all experience levels. So whether you have tried any of the exercise methods (Pilates, Yoga, Total Barre) or if this will be your first time, it doesn't matter. You have got to start somewhere right?

Class sizes are kept small which enables me to keep an eye on you, ensuring you are safe and working within your own limits and ability. 

Pregnancy classes: Please bring a mat (or large towel) and a small cushion. Wear anything that is comfortable to move in, heck you can even come in your pj's!

Post Natal Classes: Please bring a mat (or large towel). Also bring anything you need for baby. The room is wheel chair accessible so bring in your pram, capsule or whatever other contraption you require. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in and dress Baby in clothes that are stretchy and able to either massage over, or in warmer months even remove.

Please note: I have some spare mats available for use in class.  

Classes are taught in East Auckland at 29a Granger Road, Cockle Bay, which is the Howick Children's and Youth Theatre and the old star of the sea school. We are often located in the back of the building by the second bay of steps alongside the building. My sign will be out front the door to enter. 

Please don't worry about what mood your child is in and don't worry if their schedule is perfectly timed for classes. You can stop at any stage to settle, feed, and change your little one. This is a welcoming, friendly environment of other mums with little ones. 

Your little one can play, sleep, lie on a mat in front of you or even join in with you. For little ones on the move, the room is contained so preschoolers and toddlers can wonder about safely and even play with other little ones or join in with you.