Mummy and Baby Yoga and Massage


A four week course for you to enjoy with your baby!  

Each 45 minute class is split into two segments, the first teaches you infant massage and baby yoga techniques for bonding as well as helping with baby gas/colic/constipation, physical tension and excess mucus.  The second is about Mum; rebuilding core, back and leg strength and tone.


 What to bring: Please bring with you a yoga mat (if you have one - otherwise a towel will do just fine), a blanket for your baby to kick on, and stretchy clothes that allow you both to move! 

What do I do if my baby is unsettled during the class?  

They can all be unsettled!  At any one time during the class, there is a mother feeding, changing, or jigging back and forward with their baby so you are not the only one!  The key to the class is to do as much as you can, when you can; and if you need to stop and feed or change them, just do it and keep listening and watching so you can do whatever you miss once you get home.  For more information, to inquire about up coming dates or to book a place on this course please email your details.

Venue: Star of the Sea Building, 29 Granger Road, Howick 

Time: Thursday, 11 am - 11.45 am

Call Jana on 021 132 0541

Dates: These classes are held in four week blocks and dates are ongoing.  Please send a request so I can let you know when the next course starts.